Upgrade Your Classified Ads Experience

Listivo's Powerful Features

Explore the full range of Listivo's features designed to create a seamless and engaging user experience for your classified ads website.

Delight Your Users with Engaging Features

Empower Users with an Intuitive Experience

Listivo is designed with your users in mind. Our theme offers an array of features that create a seamless, engaging, and user-friendly experience. From dynamic search functionality to social authentication, Listivo has everything you need to keep your users satisfied and coming back for more.

Dynamic Keyword Autocomplete
Speed up user searches with an intelligent autocomplete feature that suggests relevant keywords in real-time.
Contextual Search Form Fields
Display search fields tailored to the chosen category, streamlining the search process for users.
Parent-Child Field Relationships
Create relationships between fields, such as make and model, to filter options based on the user's selection, enhancing search relevance and accuracy.
Login and Registration
Offer a simple and secure login and registration process to create a user-friendly experience.
Add to Favorites
Allow users to save their favorite ads for easy access later.
Add to Compare
Enable users to compare multiple ads side-by-side to make informed decisions.
Map Search
Enhance the search experience by allowing users to find ads based on their location.
Social Authentication
Simplify the login process by enabling users to authenticate using their social media accounts.

Tailor Your Site to Match Your Brand and Vision

Personalize Your Website with Flexible Design Options

With Listivo, you can effortlessly customize your classified ads website to reflect your unique brand and vision. Our theme integrates seamlessly with Elementor Page Builder and offers an intuitive design system, allowing you to create a personalized look and feel that sets you apart from the competition.

Elementor Page Builder Integration
Easily edit and customize any type of page on your website using the powerful Elementor Page Builder.
Design System
Effortlessly change colors and typography to create a unique look and feel for your website.
Custom Fields
Add custom fields to your ads to capture specific information based on your business requirements.
Private and Business User Roles
Assign different user roles to differentiate between private and business users, tailoring the experience to their specific needs.

Boost Your Earnings and Ensure a Secure Environment

Maximize Revenue and Maintain Control

Listivo offers an array of monetization options that help you generate revenue while providing a safe and secure environment for your users. Our theme includes robust moderation tools, an integrated notification system, and cutting-edge security features like reCAPTCHA integration to ensure a seamless and trustworthy experience for everyone involved.

Listivo User Panel
Monetization Opportunities.
Offer paid packages, subscriptions, and ad enhancements to generate revenue from your website.
User Panel.
Provide a user-friendly dashboard where users can manage their ads, profile information, and preferences.
Maintain control over your website's content with powerful moderation tools.
Notification System.
Keep users informed with email and SMS notifications through seamless integration with Twilio.
Message System.
Facilitate smooth communication between users with a built-in messaging system.
reCAPTCHA Integration.
Protect your website from spam and automated abuse with Google's reCAPTCHA technology.