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Experience unparalleled search, monetization, and Elementor integration with the Listivo Classified Ads WordPress Theme.

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Maximize Revenue Generation

Leverage Listivo's paid packages, WooCommerce integration, and Stripe subscription module to create diverse and effective monetization opportunities.


Advanced Search Functionality

Empower your users with dynamic keyword autocomplete and contextual search form fields, providing a seamless and efficient search experience.

Elementor Integration

Full Elementor Page Builder Integration

Customize any type of page on your website, including ad pages and post pages, using the intuitive drag-and-drop features of the Elementor page builder.

Frequently asked questions

Is Listivo customizable for different countries and languages?

Absolutely! Listivo allows you to easily translate the website content into your preferred language. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to configure units of measurement, number formats, and currency symbols to match your country's specific requirements.

Is Listivo suitable for various business types?

Indeed, Listivo boasts a highly versatile design that enables effortless customization to accommodate a wide range of industries and business models.

What is the maximum number of ads Listivo can manage?

Listivo is designed to handle an unlimited number of ads. Our clients have successfully managed over 10,000 ads on standard servers without any compromise in performance or speed.

What's included in the Listivo package purchase?

When you purchase Listivo, you'll receive the Listivo WordPress Theme along with free lifetime updates. Additionally, we provide 6 months of expert support. If you wish to extend support beyond the initial 6-month period, you have the option to purchase a support extension. Rest assured, there are no recurring fees involved.

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