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Simple & intuitive

Easily customize your
website graphic design

Listivo has a global design system (variables) that all pages and components (e.g. buttons and headings) share so you can quickly and completely change the branding of your website to your needs without coding knowledge. It saves a lot of time and gives a lot of fun testing different design concepts globally via one controller.

Flexible typography

Select the fonts, font sizes, weights and more for all your website headings and body texts. 800+ Google Fonts to match your unique style.

Your brand colors

Different colors have different psychological effects on visitors - select primary, secondary and other five global colors to create unique branding.

Other global site settings

You can change global spacings, border radius, shadows, button styles, card designs and much more.

Powered by
Elementor page builder

Elementor is the world’s leading WordPress website builder. You can use this live drag & drop editor on all types of pages (e.g. Homepage, Contact us) but also at the single listing template, search results page, user profile template or blog post template to build website of your dreams.

map search

Address autocomplete
Actively change results when users drag the map
Location field can suggest specific addresses, cities or regions
Search via radius
Ask users for location via pop-up
Limit map and search features to just the countries your business operates
Powered by Google Maps or free alternative OpenStreetMap

Big-time savings

Clean and well-structured admin panel that saves your time

Visit Listivo Panel and in one place manage your website. Upload your logo, add your email, phone number or address, set your currency and units of measurement, and everything will automatically be implemented across your website. There are also dozens of other innovative functions we thought you might need to make your website successful. Making your Listivo website your own is a simple and rewarding experience.

The optional "Translation/Rename Module" ensures you can quickly change any static text on your website without needing additional software or plugins!

Engage your visitors

Amazing user panel

All the functions of the panel have been carefully designed to provide visitors with a pleasant interaction with your website

Google reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA is a free service that protects websites from spam and abuse by distinguishing human users from automated bots. Using machine learning and advanced risk analysis, it is a more advanced version of the traditional CAPTCHA system.

Easily manage profile information

The user settings page got everything that’s needed. Users can enter their phone numbers and confirm if they use WhatsApp or Viber. Users can add profile descriptions and enter addresses. Users can upload a profile image and add social links. It is also possible to change the password and email address.

Add to favorites

The user can easily mark their favorite listings. Only one click on the heart symbol to save it. All favorite items will be visible to him on his favorites page in the dashboard. If an anonymous user clicks the heart icon, a popup will show up and ask for registration or log in to grow your user database.

Add to compare

Visitors can easily “Add to Compare” an unlimited number of listings, making it easier to choose the best one.

My listings page

The owners of a listing can check how many people have viewed their listing, how many clicked the "reveal phone number" button or how many times viewers added it to favorites.

Communication tools

Message system and
easy communication
options integrated

Users on your website can chat via a friendly message system. Alternatively, they can contact the listing owner via phone call, SMS, WhatsApp or Viber by clicking the dedicated button.

Add listing

Submitting a listing has
never been easier

Of course, the submission process is crucial for this kind of website. That’s why we’ve taken steps to ensure you have all the necessary features to succeed

Moderation page

You can add, edit, remove, and accept listings. When you decline a listing, you can write the reason and send it to the user. All options are user-friendly and visible on one page to make moderation easier. The intuitive panel easily separates active, pending, and draft listings.

Website monetization

It’s this simple!
when users submit listings,
you earn money

Listivo has WooCommerce Payment Gateway capabilities

Users adds a listing

They fill out the form and provide all required listings information

Selects a package

Users can purchase option to promote their listing on your website


Friendly checkout with flexible payments options to maximize conversion

Your profit increases!

You earn money automatically. You have more financial freedom

Featured listings

You can set unique "Featured Durations" and "Listing Durations" for each package

Multiple packages

Users can own multiple promotion packages at once. It can give you extra profit

Allow for a free listing

You can allow users to submit a listing for free for a limited number of days

Use the most popular
payment gateways
in your country

Listivo is compatible with WooCommerce Payment Gateways - you can connect the most popular payment option your client will like, which will increase your profits.

Made for everyone

Web designer

Use your creativity and move your vision into reality
Elementor page builder
Global site settings
Modern design
No coding at all

Web developer

Build modern directory websites for various types of clients
Pre-built websites
Easy modifications
Built for performance
Tons of useful functions

Businness owner

Excellent opportunity for your company to grow online
Expand customer base
Present your offer
Build your brand
Increase sales

Mobile ready

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your phone

Listivo offers much more than just responsive design

  • Intuitive interface and searching experience
  • Very fast loading time
  • Swiping functionality and gestures

Don’t Worry,
We’ve Thought Of Everything

Mobile friendly

No matter how your customers are viewing your website, they’ll love the look of it. Whether they’re on tablets, mobile devices or computers.

Ultra fast

Listivo consistently out preforms other similar products on the market today.

Trandsetting design

Stand out from the crowd with dynamic and modern themes. Look better than the competition.

Seo friendly

Our HTML5 code is ideal for SEO. Your website is also officially mobile-friendly (confirmed by Google). Listivo is additionally 100% compatible with industry-leading SEO plugins like “All-in-One SEO Pack” and “Yoast SEO.”

800+ Google Fonts

Just select the Google Fonts you want for your body texts and for your headings, and that’s it. Your website will automatically do the rest!

Flexible menu

Style the menu in any way you wish and opt to turn on the ‘sticky option,’ showcasing critical information no matter where on your website a customer is. The Menu also has a visually strong and user friendly off-canvas mobile version too.

Import database

Import any XML or CSV Files via WP All Import. Use a Bulk Terms Importer to easily import field options (e.g. makes and models).


The modern blog design allows you to share news and stories alike. It also has built-in breadcrumbs, author information, related posts features, and much more.

Contact form

Create your own personal contact form. Plus, utilize unique features such as saving submitted messages via contact forms in a database.

Our team

Create eye-catching ‘Our Team Pages’ to introduce your team members to your customers.

Crossbrowser compatibility

Ensure your website works flawlessly on Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, and beyond.

Adsense Compatible

Easily implement any ads you want (such as Google Adsense) for additional profit.

Social Media Integration

Integrate all major social media platforms so users can share listings via their own profiles to increase website traffic.

Auto Update

You can update any time you want and receive automatically updated files with new features and fixes.

MailChimp for WP

You can collect emails for your marketing needs via MailChimp’s user-friendly form.

Google reCAPTCHA

Utilize Google reCAPTCHA when users register for comprehensive SPAM protection.

Child Theme Ready

A Child Theme is included in the package which can be further customized to suit your needs.


You can use more than one currency at the same time.

Developer Friendly

Listivo was built from the ground up. It is an ultralight design and the code is very well-organized and easy to understand for any interested developers.

Flexible Footer

You can edit the website footer via the Elementor page builder, which gives you the complete freedom to adjust it however you’d like (changing style, elements, and much more.)

Cookie Notice

Implement a customizable website banner that can be used to help ensure your website complies with certain cookie consent requirements under the EU GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Listivo is compatible with all major
plugins & services offering you even more
customization potential

The potential is truly unlimited as we developed all our products using only the best coding standards


What our customers say about Listivo

5-star rated theme

We constantly keep in touch with customers, listen to them and improve our products.
Fantastic theme, very intuitive and easy to use, but for any kind of problem there is support that helps in solving the problem. Modern theme, awesome support, best around.
Greetings to TangibleDesign :) I am impressed with their speed and professionalism. They know their stuff.
TangibleDesign do provide excellent support and are very responsive to help requests. The functionality and design of this product are also extremely good and to be honest, it's a 'no brainer' at the price. I don't think any purchaser would be disappointed in the package. Good job TD!
These theme is a live saver, the things that are done inside just work well and is plenty fast, I am very happy we found this.

Free updates

Lifetime Updates!

As Listivo improves and grows, we will automatically share all new functions and demos, creating even more value for you and your customers

Frequently asked questions

Can I adapt Listivo to my country?

Yes, you can translate all website copy to your language of choice. Additionally, you can also set your own units of measurement, number formats and currency symbols

Can I adapt Listivo to any type of business?

Listivo is an incredibly flexible platform that you can easily adapt to other industries and businesses.

How many listings can the system handle?

There are no limits to the system. We have clients that frequently work with more than 10.000 listings on our standard servers and speed is never compromised.

What’s all included in the purchase?

With a purchase of Listivo you will receive the Listivo WordPress Theme with Free Lifetime Updates. Beyond that, you will also receive 6 months of professional support. After the initial 6 months you can choose to purchase a support extension if wanted. However, this is entirely optional. There are no recurring fees.

What if I would like to get a refund?

We accept refund requests sent through the Themeforest Form (link). We do not ask any questions – we just accept it. You just need to fill in the form provided in the link that takes less than 1 minute.

Why Should I Trust Listivo?

  • We’re proud of our 5-star rating on Themeforest
  • We offer a free demo (link) for everyone that’s interested and we are fully transparent about what the product is. You can ask us anything!
  • You can additionally contact us any time via the support center (link)
  • We are Envato Elite Authors as well as Envato Featured Authors
  • We have already proudly served more than 8000 clients Customers
  • We plan to develop this product for many years so moving forward you will have free future updates, demos and functions
  • We’re so confident you’re going to love Listivo just as much as we do that if you don’t, we offer a full refund. All you have to do is fill in a quick 1-minute form (link)

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